Splat Plaza Pipeline

2 votes

Show current Maps and Modes

Would like to see what maps and modes are currently being played, and if possible upcoming maps to make game scheduling easier.

1 vote

Squad Control Panel

Add a control panel which allows admins to change squad settings.

1 vote

Post-it team notes

An easy way for admins to post a quick messageĀ on the team page. Players can dismiss the notes individually.


Custom Links

Let an admin add custom web links to the main page.

Date Discussion like Doodle

Let us find a date between us all, like Doodle.


Splatfest Reminder

A banner showing the duration, theme and region when there is an upcoming Splatfest.

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Known Issues

  1. When resetting a scheduled game being edited, the day dateĀ is not reset correctly.
  2. The show/hide chat button has the wrong caption if Chat is initially hidden on load.
  3. There is currently not a nice way to invite players to a Squad that isn’t recruiting.
  4. Internet Explorer 10 apparently has problems with the SVG on the profile page.